The Poor Little Guy ~ January 20, 2016

Today we had a beautiful snowfall. 
It was heavy and lasted for most of the day.
© KMC 2016
On especially snowy days, the birds and critters clamor more impatiently for their food, and often squabble with one another. 

Even though there's plenty of feeders and food for everyone!

Today, two squirrels were in a stand-off.

The one on the ground refused to let the one in the tree come down for even a moment! So that poor fellow in the tree tried to wait patiently, but in a ready stance to advance.
However, it soon became apparent that he'd have a bit of a wait.
So he found a place to sit.
Can't you just see his sad face?
 (Even I felt bad for him!)

As the wait turned into quite a long one, I imagine he began to get cold as the snow began to gather on him. 

So he snuggled in closer to the tree.
And all the while, this selfish, rude fellow
swung from the sunflower feeder most happily and carefree 'til he had his fill!
What a naughty little squirrel!!
~ ♥ ~


  1. What a sweet looking critter taking forced shelter in the tree! Your photos are great. Blessings.

    1. Thank you, Mary! Shortly after, he was able to come down and had a feast of food for himself! I hope you and Lily are having a wonderful weekend. ☺


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