Me Day Saturday ~ January 23, 2016

 It's been one of those much welcome days when I get to enjoy doing whatever it is I want to do. A cozy fire, a warm mug of tea, browsing through my photographs, a delicious bowl of hot soup and enjoying the birds at my feeders.... All these things bring a quiet peace to my soul, and some days I really need that!

Have you noticed that the days are getting longer? 
I took this picture last night just after 5:30. It's the view I see from my kitchen window of the western horizon. I love when we've turned the corner to having more daylight in our days! By this time of the year, I need every bit of something to look forward to as I anticipate the arrival of Spring. It's the first of many indications we don't have far to go, even if our winter hasn't been that bad so far!

And at the time of that picture, directly behind the house, the moon was also rising. A bright, clear, beautiful moon. I never tire of taking pictures of the moon. Being a bit further removed from town and all of it's store lights gives us some wonderful views of the night sky, especially as darkness falls. 

Lately, the evenings seem as though a great big nightlight is on because of the glow of the moon on the snow!
I imagine the deer are moving about quite a bit more because of that fact, though I haven't seen too many in our yard lately. 

The Finches have been out in large groups today. I just love seeing them fill in all the openings of my sunflower seed feeder as they've done here! 

Much to my surprise, I was able to snap the next picture at just the right moment when this pair of finches were sharing a seed with one another while the male was in mid-air!

While I'm an amateur photographer at best, I still enjoy those times when everything falls into place perfectly to give me one of those priceless pictures that you couldn't do again no matter how hard you tried! 

The Cardinals were out and feisty today. Many of the males were vying for time at the feeders, not willing to share with other males. I always like when they feed in the snow for how beautiful their red feathers look against the white backdrop. 
Wishing you a delightful evening, and a weekend of quiet moments with happy times, my friends!
~ ♥ ~

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  1. Your posting is absolutely gorgeous today. The photo of the wing span of the finch is truly remarkable. That could be a prize winning shot of the birds. I really love the red cardinals. And, your moon photos!!!! I could go on an on. Thanks for the treat. Blessings.


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