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February 17, 2019

As we speak, there are at least half a dozen things I should be doing, that I'm not. And it's a crazy thing. I find that I hate to feel the obligation of needing to get certain things done, but then I also hate when I feel like I'm wandering around wasting time, when I could be getting important things done!

Something I'm definitely procrastinating on is scheduling the appointment with our accountant for taxes, but then I'm not doing that until I also finish procrastinating on getting the paperwork and figures together that I need to bring with us when we go! 

I think back to when I was much younger. I truly had not a care in the world. At least not by today's standards! Yet, I just could NOT WAIT to become an adult. 

Now, I'm an adult and I find myself begging my husband to help us find a way to go back in time and be young again... Ha, ha! Why does life have to play such a cruel trick?

I clearly remember my folks telling my siblings and I to enjoy our youth, but I also distinctly remember thinking that they just didn't understand.

Now, I clearly hear myself telling my young adult children to enjoy their youth. But obviously they're listening about as well as I did when I was their age. 

So this is what I've decided to do ~ 

1. Stop procrastinating. So help me God.
2. Enjoy my youth. My parents WISH they could be as "young" as me.
3. Simplify my life. Do what is necessary and forget about the rest.
4. Deliberately take the time to smell the roses. As Socrates once said, "Beware of the barrenness of a busy life."
5. Get rid of any baggage whether tangible or intangible. I mean, seriously, who needs it?

I know full well that every bit of this advice is for my own good. I sure do hope that I learn to get the hang of it sooner rather than later. Honest to goodness, I'm running out of time!

~ ♥ ~

February 7, 2019

About the only thing remotely interesting these days is trying to get Dean past his nasty cold or "coldflu" thing he somehow, somewhere caught. 

I've managed to escape the worst of whatever it is, thanks to my sauerkraut, neti pot and drinking plenty of fluids. But I'll feel better when I know I'm out of the woods for good. 

Yesterday, we had rain which immediately turned into ice on everything. While it wasn't fun for trying to get from here to there, it was beautiful to look at the icy beauty from indoors. My birds were very scarce, as they needed to stay protected or else they, too, would become coated with ice. 

But still, in the daylight, though not long before dusk, a lone, young doe ventured out in search of food. I imagine it must be a very difficult winter for them, between surviving the polar vortex and trying to find food when it's ice covered.
This apprehensive girl was only just a growing fawn this past summer. Come evening, we often see deer foraging in and around the bird feeder areas in search of any last morsels of seed or corn that may be left. 

Right about now, the wildlife outdoors is about the only entertainment we have on most days! We're so looking forward to Spring. Thank goodness it's just a mere 6 weeks away; and even if the weather doesn't quite cooperate at first, it'll just be so nice that we made it to Spring. ☺
~ ♥ ~