Super Fast Quesadilla Snack ~ January 25, 2016


I make these all the time for a quick after school snack, or even a quick meal on the run. No one has ever been disappointed with how delicious they are!

Plus, I like how you can add other ingredients to suit just about everyone's tastes!

What's not to love? 

Here's what you'll need:

Flour Tortilla's (large or small - you decide)
Salsa (any variety you'd like)
Pepper rings (mild or hot - the choice is yours)
Shredded Cheese (get creative - mix and match)

Sour Cream (for dipping)

Here's how to make it:
Lay one tortilla down on a plate. Cover liberally with shredded cheese. Add small dollops of salsa and pieces of pepper rings over entire cheese covered tortilla. Place a second tortilla over top, and gently press down to secure it to the filling.

Lightly butter a frying pan and set to medium heat. Place tortilla in pan once it has warmed up. Spread a thin layer of butter on top tortilla. Allow to cook until underside is just lightly golden brown. Flip. Cook the same as first side. Remove from heat and set quesadilla on a plate. Let cool slightly. Using a pizza cutter, slice into quarters. 

Place a portion of sour cream in a small dipping bowl. Dip quesadilla pieces into sour cream and enjoy!

Now, for those of you who are bit more creative (like me), here's what else you can add:

Sliced black olives
Shredded lettuce
Mushroom pieces
Bacon slices
Sausage bits
Ground beef bits
Chicken pieces

Really, the choices are endless. It all comes down to what you like, and what combination sounds good to you! 

Hope you try this recipe soon, and let me know what you think!

Tell me, what combinations did you choose? 
 I just may want to try it your way!
~ ♥ ~


  1. They sure sound good to me. It is such a nice Stand-by recipe.Today, I make some yummy Stroganoff with Beef Round London Broil Steak over Wide Noodles. It will be great for some more meals in the future. Tomorrow, I'm going to try a new recipe Chickpea Curry over Basmati Rice. I'll let you know how it turns out. Blessings.

    1. Mmmm! Both of your meals sound very delicious, Mary! I'll have to stop on over to your page and see if you put up a post on any of them. :) Blessings to you, too!!


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