Days Fly By ~ February 4, 2016

Life is moving at a fast pace these days. It seems mornings have turned into night in the blink of an eye.

 And when night comes, the sky has been filled with dark, clearly defined clouds. Other times the sky is clear for miles, and I can see what I'm sure are thousands of stars!

I move through my days, always taking moments to peruse the outdoors through my windows.

Sometimes, after I take the dogs for their walks, I come inside the house to grab my camera then head back out into the yard. I never tire of taking pictures of all that I see around me. 

Photography has turned into an extension of the peace I find when I am in or viewing nature. 
Just look at these darling twins grazing in our backyard with their mother. Soon they'll be yearlings. Can that possibly be? I remember when they were spotted fawns what seems like just a month or two ago.

This pair of female Cardinals were some of the many I've had waiting for a turn at the feeders below.

I got such a delight out of this brave Chipping Sparrow who didn't mind a bit my being inches away as I was taking its picture!

 One day I was lucky enough to spot this buck, who has already lost one of his antlers. He was curious about the lady with her camera. *grin*

Yesterday I spied the neighbor's cat out "mousing". Before I took this picture, he was perched ready to pounce, with his tail swishing at the very end.

 By the end of the day, a lone Bluebird sat on the wire, watching the sun as it was setting, painting the sky and clouds with beautiful colors. 

I looked on with it, until I realized that the hour was getting late, and I really must think about getting dinner started!

And so goes my day. One day, after another, after another! 
~ ♥ ~


  1. I love how you captured the full essence of an entire day with such beautiful photography and narrative. The first two sentences nicely describe how my life feels, also. Breathtaking photos!

  2. Lovely pictures! You have so many beautiful animals visiting your yard...what a treat! We have deer walk through but mostly after dark so it's hard to photograph them. Still I always think it's such a privilege to see nature up close! Thanks for sharing those beautiful glimpses of creation! :)


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