Picture Collages of Recent Days ~ January 19, 2016

Here in the northeast our winter snows have finally come. 

What a change!

Charlie has been anxiously awaiting the snow, bemoaning that it just doesn't seem like winter without it. There, now he can be happy ~ and I sent him out to shovel it!

Dean spent 2 hours today clearing us out from a blizzard like night with steady snowfall and blustery winds.

Becca had to brush off her car, which had been sitting all day during her shift at work. She says she's not meant to brush off that much snow! It made me chuckle. I think she dislikes being out in the snow as much as I do!

I gathered the dogs for walks through the yard, and smiled as they romped happily in this white stuff that they remember is so much fun to play in....Such is the life of a dog!

When they'd had their fill, once back inside, I peered through the windows to watch my bird feeders. Then I took to the outdoors to snap some pictures.

Despite not liking the snow and cold of winter, I find myself enjoying the beauty of the season nonetheless!

Wishing you well, my friends!
~ ♥~

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