A Pleasant Walk ~ January 15, 2016

Today was a pretty perfect, mild winter day. Again! I stepped outside with Joanna in tow to survey our 2 acre yard and perhaps get a good picture or two. It seems like nature came alive today, thinking it was spring! The birds......
certainly thought so because they were singing all around us. ☺
Joanna loves to listen and watch. She was sure she heard a squirrel in the bushes nearby when I snapped this picture of her. I left her to her thoughts while I wandered over to our Burning Bush.
Burning Bush Berries
Before here, I've never had one, but they're beautiful, even in winter. The berries seem attractive to wildlife, but are poisonous to dogs and cats I've learned, so I keep the dogs far from them. Our cats are only indoor pets. 

~ ♥ ~
I managed to capture this Downy Woodpecker in a tree branch above me, trying to crack a nut it found at the feeders.
Earlier in the day I worked on one of my feeder trays, that actually is the top of a bird bath whose pedestal had broken and was unable to be fixed. So I repurposed the top into a bird feeder by drilling some holes and attaching thin ropes for hanging. But the birds have been quite skittish to eat from it for lack of perching spots in order to gather the seed and nuts. Hmmm...What to do?
I dug around in the garage until I found some rather dainty and short bungee cords that my brain determined would be a perfect solution to the problem! With a pair of pliers, I carefully opened the metal hooks at each end a bit so I could attach them to the feeder through the existing holes for the hanging ropes. Then, wah-lah! Perches were made by stretching them across the top of the feeder from one hole to the other hole on the opposite side. This would enable them to get in and out of the tray much easier. 
A Goldfinch, no doubt after the sunflower seeds!
I was happy when, within a short time, the birds were ready to give the new perches a try! It's amazing how, every day, visits from the birds bring me renewed joy and hours of entertainment until the sky darkens and evening closes in once again.
An adorable Tufted Titmouse.

Wishing you happy times pursuing hobbies that bring you joy!
~ ♥ ~

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