Cork Boards Inside Cupboard Doors

For several years my refrigerator has been a catch all for magnets, pictures, lists, business cards, coupons, schedules and jewelry (jewelry?). But this past week, that all changed. While browsing around on Pinterest, I came across the most clever idea of using cork boards inside the cupboard doors for keeping track of the stuff that normally ends up on my fridge.

So, I purchased a pack while out shopping one day, and, voila ~ what a super nice change! (Of course, I also decluttered and took care of some stuff that really just needed to be put away!)

It was such a drastic change, in fact, that when Becca came home and saw our refrigerator, (I mean really saw it so that she could actually tell you what color it was), she exclaimed in surprise and just stood there starring at it! Lol.... It truly was a funny moment!

Here are some pictures of how the project unfolded:
The cluttered front

The cluttered side

A 4 pack of boards that was pretty reasonably priced

The adhesive squares (provided) put onto the back

The board secured onto the inside of my cupboard door

Items from fridge transferred onto the board

And more items, plus added pictures of our adorable granddaughters :)

The baking cupboard door has some of our most used recipes

Ah.....oh my goodness.....a very uncluttered fridge front

And a not too shabby side, considering how it first was!

 In all honesty, the much less cluttered refrigerator has actually improved the look and feel of our entire cozy kitchen!


  1. That is an excellent idea! I have to tell you that whenever we have company, I take all of the stuff off the fridge front and put it away, and I'm always amazed at how much better the kitchen looks without that stuff! :)
    Kind of like your corkboard idea, I have our daughter's artwork (from when she was little!) displayed on the inside of our cupboards. I'll have to put that on the blog, come to think of it!
    Thanks for sharing this great idea!

    1. Lol, I've done the same thing! I'm still loving the cork boards inside of my cupboards. So much nicer and much more practical for tacking a lot of stuff there. I'd love to see your post on Bailey's artwork!


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