From Florida, With Love

Dean's work has taken him to the balmy, sunny (much warmer than here, even on it's coldest day) state of Florida lately. Knowing the fact that I'm a sunshine and warm weather loving girl at heart, he's enjoyed sharing pictures with me of the views he's seeing, even if they are just views that are out and about around his place of work. 

I love the surprise of receiving these pictures at any given moment, on any given day. It really helps to keep us connected, and often they turn our conversation to quite enjoyable discussions of our future hopes and dreams. But what I think I like best of all, is that every picture is always sent with the caption "I love you", and those 3 simple words remind me of all that is left unspoken, yet what I know lies between us, even though we are miles apart....

You know what, Babe? "I love you", too!

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