A Smorgasborg of Weather ~ January 11, 2016

When I say we've had crazy, unusual weather, I mean crazy and unusual! Here we are, nearly mid-January, and we've just had a weekend with mild days full of rain! We're talking temperatures at 50 degrees, downpours and mud puddles! I honestly think
nature is just as baffled as we humans are.....
 But I've certainly been enjoying the reprieve from our typical blustery, snowy northeast winter. I can only imagine that all the birds and critters have the same sentiment! Most especially those pesky, albeit cute, chipmunks. They've been quite busy gathering seeds for the winter that has yet to come.
All day long, in and out of my feeders til they cannot possibly pack any more into their endless abyss of cheek pockets! I'll certainly have to do something about this come springtime. For now, I will leave them be as they provide me with a bit of entertainment.

Anyways, by late last night, the temperatures plummeted, then the winds picked up terribly, and a bit of snow began to be driven about fiercely as the winds kept howling. What a change! Then, this morning, we awoke to blue skies and bright sunshine, however, the air was frigid. Winter seems that it now just might be on it's way. Tonight's weather report indicates that our skating through winter (ha ~ no pun intended!) is over. The entire week looks as though it'll be cold and snowy. >SIGH<

On a different note, I've been enjoying finding things to put into glass jars. Ever since my gift of Cinnamon Sugar Walnuts which were given to me in a cute little canning jar, the idea of it has just kind of grown on me. So I rummaged around and found some salted almonds, candied ginger and granola to put in a few of mine. Don't you find that things which are accessible are much more readily used and/or eaten?

Well, since tonight is laundry night, I suppose I
must scoot and tend to business. I was dragging my feet, then decided that I should time myself to see how long it actually takes to fold one large load of laundry. Would you believe that it only took me 6 minutes? And here I was dragging my feet. Silly me..... Yes, yes! I know. It takes longer to put something off, than to just do it! Lesson learned.  

~ ♥ ~


  1. Our winter has also been a bit unusual and warmer than is typical for these parts! But we are headed into the deep freeze for the next few days so will also be bundling up!
    LOVE those little chipmunk cheeks! How adorable! :)

    1. Lol ~ They ARE cute, Janet! Stay warm and cozy. We hit nearly 50 degrees today (just insane!!) but come Sunday we're in for some lake effect snow they say.... We'll see!


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