My Country Sampler Magazine Has Arrived! ~ January 10, 2016

The older I get, the less I like to get the mail. How about you? Nowadays, it's either bills, solicitation or junk! The last time I received an actual letter in the mail was....gosh, I'm sure it was YEARS ago!! How discouraging! My girlfriend and I used to faithfully write back and forth. As did my great-grandmother and I on occasion. I also had an Italian pen pal (whose letters, ironically, I just came across the other day!!) I think my getting married and life getting busy must have interfered with staying in contact with them by letter. I miss keeping in touch with people in that way, actually. ....Gee, anyone up for being a pen pal?

In light of the depressing mail situation (lol), I decided to
order something that I would not only enjoy receiving, but browsing through as well! So I settled on the Country Sampler magazine for its engaging room decor photos and ideas I can use or tweak to match my style. Since I ordered it back in December, I've been hopeful that sometime here in January I would receive my first issue. And yesterday, I did! Truth be told, the last week or so, I've been overly interested in seeing what's come in the mail.... (See? My plan was working!) And when Dean went out to get the mail, he was grinning on his way back in, knowing I would like what he laid in my hands when he got in the door. How right he was. ☺

So tonight, I just thought I'd share a little of what my Country Sampler has that makes me smile!

It's here, it's here!
Just so warm and inviting....
Unique use for an expandable gate.
Like the little storage cupboards!
A summer chair for a winter welcome!
What a great idea for storing extra blankets.
Love this idea for in front of a fireplace.
I could get comfy cozy here!
I'm always looking for this kind of glass at the Thrift Stores!
And last but not least.....
I want that cupboard!
 Here's to happier mail times, my friends!
~  ♥ ~

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