Morning Moments

My lovely fire this morning

I don't know about you, but I need some time to myself first thing in morning before my day begins! While most of the family is still in quiet slumber, I enjoy some peaceful time in front of the fire. As I wait to hear the faint whistle of the teapot, I watch the flames as they dance to and fro. Once the water has boiled, I make myself a soothing cup of tea in one of my favorite mugs. As it steeps, I quickly set my kitchen to rights in preparation of the activity that is sure to go on within it once the household has come to life.
Then I nestle back down in front of the fire, contemplating a bit of this and that, but mostly seeking a quiet, reflective time that all but escapes me once I move into the day. 
 I have found that there is much to be discovered when a body can simply sit.  Alone.  With no demands, no noise and no distractions! So I sit and ponder the little things that cross my mind..........
 Quiet morning moments certainly help to start my day off right, and they give me an inner peace that an otherwise hurried morning steals away. As the fire crackles and daylight begins to creep in, I'm able to embrace the day. I'm ready to face the challenges, capture the memories, and begin another day with a song in my heart!


  1. Beautiful way to start your day. We have a fireplace but rarely use it. This is a lovely idea!

    1. Thank you! In general, our woodstove makes the Winter time so much more bearable. I think having the deep wood fire warmth and enjoying it's cozy glow will be about the only thing I'll miss come Spring! And just a few of the beautiful views of having the sun shine so prettily over the sparkling white snow..... :)


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