So It DOES Matter To Them

....To my children, that is! As any parent will tell you, there are many, many moments when we speak to our children, and we're sure they haven't cared a fig about what we've just said! 
As a matter of fact, when Becca and Charlie were younger, there were days when I was so frustrated for all the talking I had done, only to hear them burst out in uproarious laughter over something I had apparently said or done that was funny to them. Some of those moments they still talk about today, and of course, now I can laugh at them, too! 

The other evening, I actually had an "ah-ha" moment during a family discussion around the dinner table. And boy, you could have blown me over with a feather, I was that surprised at what I had heard coming out of the mouths of my two!! I thought, "Wow, they actually have been paying attention!!"

Apparently, while at a friend's house, Charlie had been asked a question by their mom that was simple enough to answer, but he knew that being truthful might have brought about some offense. So he relayed to us that in those brief seconds following, he hesitated and was contemplating just how he should answer. Then he gave pause, and we were all waiting to hear the outcome, when his sister laughingly piped up, "So you wondered, what would Mom do in this situation?!" To which Charlie immediately replied, "Yeah, and I was thinking to myself, Mom would NOT want me to say that!" laughing along with Becca. Whoa! Did I really just hear what I heard??! These are the golden moments in life; when you realize that something you've taught your children really did sink into their heads!! 

 I was so proud to know, now that they are older, there are more times when "Mom's wisdom" echoes in their minds as they are making decisions from day to day. 

And, as any parent would, I like that! It makes my Mom heart happy! ☺

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