Kitchen Splendor

I've never been so thrilled with a room in my house as I am with my newly painted and decorated kitchen!!
For the longest time, I've wanted a yellow kitchen, and more recently, a Tuscan feeling kitchen. The shades of yellow have varied, but once I got the feeling of this house, and more specifically, the kitchen, I decided my choice of yellow had to be one with warmth and personality. Dean so graciously poured over paint samples with me until we settled on a color that we both liked.

For him, the dilemma was having a yellow that didn't seem too "industrial" - in other words, it can't look like the color of a piece of machinery, he told me! For me, I simply couldn't have a shade of yellow that felt on the cooler side. I wanted it to have some depth and a welcoming feeling, much like the colors of Tuscany. Additionally, one of the first things I noticed about my lovely, old fashioned, front kitchen was that it was quite lacking in natural light! (And I was surprised to discover this, because I have a rather large window over the sink, in addition to a smaller one on an adjacent wall.)

Anyways, this past week, Dean literally transformed our kitchen into something I didn't think could possibly be mine ~ but it was! And it looked so beautiful that I couldn't stop smiling the more it came together. We absolutely love the warm glow of the walls, the way the color changes depending on the light source, and the way some of our old things now "popped" against the new "Honey Locust" painted walls. (Fluorescent lighting tends to make it look the least desirable, and most like Crayola crayon yellow, however, in the daylight, and in the evening with our floor lamp, it simply glows like golden honey!)  SIGH......The transformation is amazing! So, without further adieu, here are some before, during and after pictures of my now fabulously warm and inviting Tuscan kitchen!!




These last 2 pictures actually show more of the golden glow that we see most often, as we rarely use our extremely bright, fluorescent ceiling light, which Dean had to use while painting.

Yesterday we had a fun shopping trip to pick up some new pictures, floor rugs and a cute little accent piece, which is the lantern to the left of the stove. Dean first spotted it, and, after seeing it, I could  hardly resist adding the adorable lantern as a finishing touch to our now absolutely lovely, full of personality, Tuscan kitchen!! And I'm still smiling........


  1. Wow, it looks so cheerful! Your kitchen looks like a warm and welcoming space! Color makes such s difference. Enjoy!

    1. Awwww, thanks! It sure does! I still think I'm walking into someone else's kitchen every time I come into it! Lol! This is one change I am SO happy we made! :)


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