One Determined Squirrel

For lack of anything better to do outside because of all our wind and rain, I've brought the outdoors in with yet, another, bird cam. (Thank you to my mother for this one!) Not only do I love watching the birds and various other critters that have stopped by this feeder site, but it also gives me a glimpse of the weather in other parts of the U.S. 

This particular feeder is based in Edmond, Oklahoma. Ironically, all the wind we've been having, they've been having, too. Well, at least that makes me feel better, because we're not alone in that regard! But they have been partaking in much more sunshine than we've had here in the Northeast, so I've really been enjoying seeing a view that practically feels like it's right outside my window, and, thankfully, it's sunny!

Today, I was quite entertained by one determined little squirrel! He so captured my attention with his tenacity to get every last little bit of peanut butter/suet filling out of the hole in a feeder log, that I took screen shots of the event as it unfolded. If ever you need to learn anything about "stick-to-itiveness", watch a squirrel at a bird feeder! Lol.

Here is where the picture story begins.....

Yes, there is a tiny morsel of peanut butter suet!

Mmmm, I can almost taste it!

Ah, well, I can try to dig it out with my paw...

This certainly appears harder to get at than it looks! 
Maybe standing up will help....

(Voice echoing from inside the hole) Ah, yes, there it is indeed!

Hmmm, I'll have to attack it from another angle....

Um, yep - it's still in there!!

 On second thought, this angle might be better....

 Phew... Hmm....this is quite a work out!

Speaking of work outs, perhaps a bit of acrobatics is needed, 
and I shall try the other hole again....Oooo, ugh....almost there.....


And here it was at this point in time, that the squirrel decided to take a break from trying to retrieve a snack from the feeder log. Almost as quickly as it had come, it hopped onto the feeder platform and scampered away.

But boy, I sure did get a bit of amusement today from this one determined squirrel!

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