Two Cuties = Too Cute

I guess there are some "ruff" (no pun intended!) days in a dog's life....

And I guess Romeo just really needs to hit the "massage parlor",
a.k.a grooming session, once in a while
for a little R & R....

Which I find absolutely hysterical.
And so does Dean. 

I mean, come on, how hard can a dog's life really be??!!

But, alas, this is what I came upon while puttering around upstairs, finally ending up in our room to put some clothes away.

And....the session continued....
While Romeo just laid there, relishing in all the attention.

Whenever Ziva isn't monopolizing Romeo's time, Missie is waiting there for session #2!!

The dog just does not know how good he has it!!

And one day, Ziva's tongue is going to fall out from all that grooming.

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