Planting Pansies

A few days ago, Becca and I came across a deal while in the garden section of our home improvement store. Pansies were 50% off, and the display racks were loaded with them! We sorted through the variety of colors, choosing a few of the best of each, and headed to the registers with our flat of dainty, sweet smelling pansies.

I could hardly wait to begin potting them, as soon as nature would cooperate a little with a sunny, mild day to do so. 
And today was that day! It felt wonderful to dig my hands into the bag of potting soil, and smell that old, familiar scent of, well, dirt. And even the pansies, having been warmed by the sun, gave off a sweet fragrance I can't ever really recall having noticed before. But maybe that's because I've never purchased an entire flat of them before! 

  I began the potting on my glass side table, but quickly discovered it was less than adequate, not to mention uncomfortable for all the bending I was doing.
While I've had my eye on all sorts of fancy potting stations, immediate necessity and practicality won over today. Dean's little 4' x 2' resin worktable, waterproof and weather resistant, would do the trick ever so nicely. Grin. (After having using it, I don't know why I never thought of something as simple as that sooner! I don't think he'll be getting back his little work table any time soon... Even bigger grin.)

Feeling the sun wash over me while planting was healing. I think it was just the therapy I've been needing. No hustle, no hurry, no stress or anxiety. Just simple enjoyment that will result in simple pleasure as I admire our lovely display of pansies for weeks to come.

I found various places to set the pots, and even replanted in an old hanging basket from last year. 

I'm liking the look of our pansies.

I think the squirrel was pretty impressed, too, as it sat and nibbled a special mix of what is supposed to be for the birds! But, thankfully, he hasn't made a pig of himself at the feeder.

(Maybe dried cranberries just don't excite him.....?  ☺)

Additionally, I added my recent adorable early Mother's Day gift to the patio decor. I just love to hear the delicate trickle of the water!

I also found a bird plaque that I've had for quite some time, and have never put it out on display. 
Well, today was it's lucky day. And my lucky day. And the patio is coming along quite nicely, indeed!

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