Bird Song

Without many large, mature trees around my current home, I don't have the variety or number of birds that I'd like, but every year as the smaller trees grow, the bird counts are slowly increasing as they've come to rely on more shelter, along with my feeders and bird baths being available to them. 

At my previous residence, the house was literally in the middle of a farmer's field that had once been home to a grazing herd of cattle. Thus, only 1 large Hickory tree was on the property at the time of its purchase. I had immediately set to work planting quick growing trees and shrubs, and within a few years, the birds were finally starting to feel safe enough to venture into my yard. I was thrilled, to say the least!

Since our weather has gotten a bit warmer, the Robins have been very busy around the neighborhood. I've spotted them here and there, even perched atop my patio fence a time or two. By now, a "home site" has been chosen, their nests have been built and eggs have been laid. And I'm happy to report that I'm sure a nesting site has been chosen somewhere fairly close, because this morning what did I awaken to?

The glorious song of a Robin who was perched somewhere nearby my slightly opened window! Oh, how I love to slowly come awake from a deep sleep to the beautiful melody of a Robin's song! As it registered in my mind, the corners of my mouth turned up into a smile, and my heart felt happy for the experience of this very simple pleasure.

I've come to realize that sometimes what we cherish most in life is simply being able to enjoy quite ordinary things, in a most extraordinary way!

To The First Robin
by Louisa May Alcott, age 8
Welcome, welcome, little stranger,
Fear no harm, and fear no danger;
We are glad to see you here,
For you sing "Sweet Spring is near."

Now the white snow melts away;
Now the flowers blossom gay:
Come dear bird and build your nest,
For we love our robin best.

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