Even A Small Cabinet Helps

Lately we've been battling a bit of extra "stuff" on the kitchen counters. Since my counter space is limited, I need to make the most of it, where I have it! So, I did some figuring and measuring, and decided that there was a small area at the end of the coffee pot counter where a narrow, upright storage cabinet would most likely fit. This prompted an enjoyable trip to the local home improvement store where we were able to purchase a cabinet to meet our needs. (It was the last one they had in stock!)

It would just require figuring out a new place for the display shelf currently occupying that space. Hmm....

Ah! Here is where I could relocate my display shelf, with just a bit of rearranging.

The nearly bare corner actually looks cozy now!

Once home, Dean got right to work putting together our cabinet. The only bad thing was there were only 2 color choices to pick from - white and dark brown. I had hoped they would've had oak, but I settled for white as it at least matched the counter tops. I was on standby to assist, and take pictures, of course! :)

Checkers stopped by during the process for some attention and loving from Dean.

Once all the pegs were in place, each panel of the cupboard was secured into another, and screwed together.

The manufacturer now provides a neat little gadget that helps to hold those tiny nails for securing the back board to the cabinet. How clever!

Once the nail has been tapped in to stand securely, you remove the gadget and finish hammering the nail in.

The final job - screwing the door hinges in place, then hanging the door on the cabinet!
Completed and in place ~ what a beautiful fit. I love how Dean's suggestion of cabinet top accessories really finished off the look!

Look at all that extra space! My heart was so happy with such a little addition that made a huge difference. To date, we have neatly filled all of the shelves and the installation of this cabinet has been a complete success!
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Don't you just love a simple home improvement project?


  1. The cabinet looks great! It has a TON of space! Nice to meet Checkers, too. What a beautiful kitty!


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