A Fantastically Clean Dishwasher

A few months ago, my folks and I went shopping to find something, anything, to clean the awful limescale away from the inside of my dishwasher. My attempts to clean it with what I have here had failed, and it was becoming quite nasty looking, to say the least.

Our shopping turned up something I had never even been aware was out there for my sort of dishwasher dilemma. 


It was such an easy procedure, that I had my doubts it would remove the toughest of limescale such as was in my dishwasher. You simply peel the sticker off the small screw cap looking top, insert the container upside down anywhere in the bottom rack and turn the empty dishwasher to it's hottest wash cycle, such as pots and pans. 

I must say, we were in for a pleasant surprise at the end of the cleaning. Not only was my dishwasher sparkling clean, but it smelled amazingly clean and fresh for the better part of 2 weeks! 

Just take a look at the results for yourself:

I was so amazed at how the dishwasher turned out! If you ever need a tried and true solution to your tough dishwasher limescale, I'd highly recommend that you purchase Finish for the job! You definitely won't be disappointed with the results!

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