An iPad In The Kitchen?

If you ask me if I ever thought I would have an electronic device for a "recipe book", I'd have laughed for sure! But, I recently downloaded a recipe "app" on my iPad that's a pretty neat little deal which I find myself quite interested in. It's the Better Homes and Gardens Must Have Recipes app; a quite simple and easy one to navigate!


On the left hand side is a drop down menu of recipe categories which is very handy.

This particular time I am searching for a recipe for banana bread since I have a few bananas to use up. They even refine the search to give you tutorials if you'd like!

 Ah, here's a simple recipe that I can use. :)

And I'm ready to begin!

You can see how short and simple the recipe was. Not to mention, it turned out a very tasty loaf of banana bread!

I especially like that the features in red along the bottom are very convenient to get to. So far I have a nice little selection of recipes saved, and the list option is a great asset when it comes time for making out the grocery list. I've also explored the how-to section (the tutorials that I mentioned above) and like that you can get some pretty handy pointers, even if you've got plenty of experience cooking and baking! 
So..... I guess my iPad and I will be hanging out a lot more in the kitchen. ☺

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