Chickens ~ February 10, 2017

Chickens always bring to my mind beautiful country fields, farming, gardening and warm, sunny summer days. 

Sometimes memories of days gone by. 

When my children were younger they had chickens, and it was always like Easter time when they went on a hunt for the eggs! Their chickens were free range, and roamed throughout the rather large, sprawling country yard, laying eggs wherever they saw fit.

Charlie's dog, Joanna, loved to find an egg, and, surprisingly, she'd pick it up gingerly in her mouth to play with it, never crushing it! Now she does the same thing with small tomatoes....Lol!

So, here's a collection of chicken pictures...... just because they make me happy, and happiness is definitely something worth sharing! 😉

So glad you stopped by my friend! You know who you are!! 

~ ♥ ~

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  1. Chickens are beautiful! I always enjoy the chicken barn at the fair each year. So many pretty colors! There's a store near us that sells chicken houses similar to the one you shared. I always think they'd make perfect kitty houses! :)


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