Upside Down Geraniums ~ January 21, 2017

Do I have you wondering, what's up with that?! 

Many years ago I was told that you can uproot a Geranium plant, bring it indoors, hang it just as I have, and then replant it the next growing season.

If I had never seen this done, I would be as skeptical as you may be right now. Though I must admit, despite having known about this method of "saving and reviving Geraniums" for as long as I have, I've never once done it before!

So why this year? Well, this summer I happened upon 2 large, beautiful plants of the most vivid pink Geraniums I've ever seen. As it always is, when Autumn comes and my annual flowering plants are still flowering, I so dislike digging them up and throwing them out. It was especially so with these absolutely lovely Geraniums!

At that time, it came flooding back to my memory about what I'd been told. Then, ironically, within that same week I had a conversation with my neighbor who actually has done this before! She did warn me that they will most likely look as dead as a door nail, but not to get dismayed. Simply plant them into new soil in a pot indoors, in a sunny location. Trim back the branches somewhat, and water them carefully as needed. She said little by little, green sprouts will start to appear, then they can be transferred outdoors and my lovely Geraniums will soon be budding beautifully once again!

As you can see from the picture, my plants actually still have some green on them and color to the flowers that have yet to wither and decay completely. This is after having been uprooted and hung upside down nearly 3 months! They make my heart happy and hopeful each time I go into the basement and see them. It's quite miraculous that they could even revive after such a harsh, water-less existence. 

Like these Geraniums, we, too, may have lain dormant a time or two in our lives, but that doesn't mean we cannot be revived to our "former glory". I imagine that if these Geraniums could actually think, they know just how beautiful they were, and how beautiful they can once again be, for all that they need is within them. While they may be in a state of dormancy, they know it's only temporary, thus they continue to see themselves for who they really are ~ a gorgeously amazing, lovely shade of pink Geranium......

~ ♥ ~

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  1. Great idea Kim! It seems a shame to get rid of them every year! I hope it works. ��


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