Outdoor Screen Rooms ~ February 25, 2016

We have what could be a lovely screen room, if I could just figure out how to make the most of its rather large space.

It's built off the back of our garage, and has both east and south facing sides that are really wonderful in the summer time. It also has a covered, open deck area just outside the entry door into the screen room. 

I really love the deck area because it faces south and receives ample sunshine from morning through mid-afternoon. That's where I place my comfortable lawn chair, and often doze for a bit while the dogs are enjoying a beautifully sunny, summer day in the yard.

Inside the screen room is especially wonderful during a gentle rainfall. Have you ever laid outdoors under cover somewhere and heard that lulling, pitter-patter sound of the rain drops? That's exactly what I'm talking about! 

Our screen room has the perfect metal roof for making rain drops sound quite beautiful and relaxing. Dean has taken his share of naps during some of those warm, rainy summer days last year. I expect he'll do the same this year, too.

I've been browsing some sites for ideas on just how I might want to consider decorating the interior. I suppose if money were no object, I could do something simply stated and beautiful like this, 

but it would take a lot to get ours into that kind of shape. I still like this look, though, and figure I can glean different ideas from several types of styles. That's the fun of it to me! (I think I definitely need to invest in some wicker furniture either way!)

So, while I wait out this last stretch of our unusual and unpredictable winter, I think I'm going to continue browsing along, and maybe take a few ideas from these beautiful examples below!

This crisp, cool look of white and a kind of chartreuse is quite inviting.
I'm loving all the colorful plants in here!
Wicker and plants seem to be pretty popular screen room decor.
The rocker and that lounge chair would be perfect for me!
I definitely think I'm going to go with some curtains. How cheery and cozy!
Wow! All these ideas have really started the wheels going in my head. I can't wait to get started making something nice out of our screen room this year!

What projects have you most excited to jump into summer?
~ ♥ ~

Late Winter Storm ~ February 18, 2016

Here in the northeast, we finally got whacked with a pretty substantial snow storm! Since we've had a fabulously mild winter otherwise, I really can't complain. The beauty around us is amazing!

Just thought I'd share some of it with you. ☺

Not to worry, Spring is on its way!
~ ♥ ~

Days Fly By ~ February 4, 2016

Life is moving at a fast pace these days. It seems mornings have turned into night in the blink of an eye.

 And when night comes, the sky has been filled with dark, clearly defined clouds. Other times the sky is clear for miles, and I can see what I'm sure are thousands of stars!

I move through my days, always taking moments to peruse the outdoors through my windows.

Sometimes, after I take the dogs for their walks, I come inside the house to grab my camera then head back out into the yard. I never tire of taking pictures of all that I see around me. 

Photography has turned into an extension of the peace I find when I am in or viewing nature. 
Just look at these darling twins grazing in our backyard with their mother. Soon they'll be yearlings. Can that possibly be? I remember when they were spotted fawns what seems like just a month or two ago.

This pair of female Cardinals were some of the many I've had waiting for a turn at the feeders below.

I got such a delight out of this brave Chipping Sparrow who didn't mind a bit my being inches away as I was taking its picture!

 One day I was lucky enough to spot this buck, who has already lost one of his antlers. He was curious about the lady with her camera. *grin*

Yesterday I spied the neighbor's cat out "mousing". Before I took this picture, he was perched ready to pounce, with his tail swishing at the very end.

 By the end of the day, a lone Bluebird sat on the wire, watching the sun as it was setting, painting the sky and clouds with beautiful colors. 

I looked on with it, until I realized that the hour was getting late, and I really must think about getting dinner started!

And so goes my day. One day, after another, after another! 
~ ♥ ~