Sprucing Up The Bathroom

It's amazing what a couple coats of paint and some decorative upgrades can do to make a room look 100% better. It may not be perfect, but it'll still be better!
This is what our bathroom looked like when we first moved in a year ago this past July ~ very bland, complete with a bright white toilet seat on a dark maroon toilet, and a way beyond dirty tub with an equally disgustingly dirty set of sliding shower doors. At least this picture was taken after a thorough cleaning and floor mopping!
Fortunately, we were able to get a gently used, "new" replacement for our tub and wall surround, and got rid of any sort of shower doors! While the dark maroon toilet and sink are not at all what I would have picked, they're in great condition, so I'm making do with their color and worked that fact into my paint choice for the walls.
Over the last year, I've been able to put together items toward my bathroom theme, which is a kind of an Antique Rose best I can figure. Not everything matches perfectly, but most everything is quite similar....

This theme, together with the sink and toilet color, played the biggest part in why I chose Pink Whisper for the paint color on our walls.
It's the lightest color on the card shown below. I chose Antique White for the baseboards, and a wall cabinet that we added, because it actually looks more like the creme color in my shower curtain.

 And speaking of the shower curtain, I was thrilled to have found it at the Thrift Store, in excellent condition! I love the detail of the leaves on the top narrow overlapping panel and at the bottom of the curtain.

The sage colored window treatments are some that I'd purchased a few years back, and I was quite happy to see how beautifully they matched up with the shower curtain, not to mention they were the exact size I needed for the window opening! 

 Since the vanity counter top is kind of like a marbled brown (if there is such a thing!) I chose brown throw rugs, as you can see a little bit in the one picture above. With our floor being the light color that it is, I think they look great in combination with it, and still tie into the bathroom color scheme as well.

Here is a picture of the bathroom halfway through the paint job.

At this point, I was excited to see things starting to come together! Dean is so patient and good at doing all the painting in our house; something I am very grateful for! ☺

Here's a couple pictures of the wall cabinet I painted, just after hanging it up and more recently with some additional decorations added to it. This cabinet is on the wall to your right as you enter the bathroom.

On the wall to the left, is a poster picture Dean and I got from Hobby Lobby, and just a month or so ago I was able to find this beautiful frame for it also at Hobby Lobby. I absolutely love how this picture adds such a bold, rich statement to the whole bathroom decor!

We were able to find  a toilet seat with an almost identical matching oak wood color and grain design as the large bathroom vanity. It looks SO much better than that bright white one!

And the wall color now a soft pink, but both it and maroon still being within the same color family, makes the sink and toilet colors look so much more a part of the bathroom's overall theme, rather than standing right out the middle of it.

My pet peeve, though, with these fixtures is their constant discoloration!

Once the painting was completed, we began putting it all back together, and the entire family was quite pleased with the outcome. As I said in the beginning, it's truly amazing what a couple coats of paint and some simple decorative upgrades can do!

The rugs were not placed down just yet, but trust me, they look great!
  Now our bathroom is inviting and cheery. Everyday I think of how happy it makes me to finally have this room completely painted (we did the ceiling, too!), updated and with everything just the way I like it!
 ~ ♥ ~


  1. I am so impressed with your lovely bathroom transformation. Isn't it fun to compare the before and after views? And, then pat yourselves on the back for a job very well done! I remember how excited I was when I updated my main bathroom especially since it had to be done on a budget. I remember so well painting the ceiling and hoping my neck would return to normal position! I like how you worked with the soothing colors of pink and green along with the existing maroon porcelain. I do not think I have ever seen that color before but you did a great job tying all the colors together. Beautiful!

    1. Mary, I appreciate your lovely compliments on our bathroom upgrade! Doing things on a budget is challenging, but even the smallest of changes can certainly be so rewarding, as in our case! I haven't met ONE PERSON who has ever seen anything in maroon porcelain ~ Lol!! I'm so glad there's a sense of things being tied in together now... ☺


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