O Christmas Tree

Last weekend Charlie and I set up our Christmas tree. Every year I think that maybe I should have gotten a bigger, fuller or taller one, but then, as we gently put all the branches in place and fluff them up, the tree takes shape and I change my mind, again. Then I think of how hard it would be to get rid of the first tree Dean and I bought for the first Christmas we ever shared as a family. So I lovingly begin to set out decorations to hang on it's beautiful branches. This year, my folks were also here to share the moment ~ and that makes it special, too. They were there that first Christmas when we brought this very same tree home, and decorated it with the children. I like when moments and memories carry on. ☺

Here is Charlie placing the branches on the "trunk". 

Becca and I decided on a bird theme this year. She and her boyfriend got me started by surprising me with a few ornaments they bought me as a gift. Here they are.....

My father and I strung the lights.....It got quite dizzying going around and around that tree! But when we were done, the lights were so many and they looked just beautiful! 

Next, my mother and I strung gold garland around the tree, while he gave each of the additional decorative ornaments a hook. 

Finally we placed all the bird ornaments I'd gathered from a few local stores onto the branches. They looked so delicate and beautiful!

My mother crocheted the adorable candy cane ornament!

 Now our living room is a little brighter, and a little cozier.....
I just love the soft glow of a pretty Christmas tree, don't you?

~ ♥ ~


  1. What a lovely tree with so many traditions with the family. I like all the beautiful birds. What a nice idea. By the way, I really like your new profile photo. You are so pretty.

    1. Thank you, Mary! We're certainly enjoying the new decorations on our tree this year. Truth be told, I have admired your beauty as well!


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