Chick and Duckling Cuteness

A recent trip to our local farm and garden center gave me a pleasant surprise.....

They had received their shipment of chicks and ducklings, and, as always, I just couldn't resist spending some time with them!

Who doesn't love the cute little chick peeps and soft little duckling quacks?

Can anyone ignore their adorable fluffiness?

I, for one, certainly cannot!

After a bit of time spent there, I decided to browse the store.

I found some neat ornaments they had on clearance....

Unique chicken clocks marked down as well.....

And I really liked this decorative bird house, too!

There certainly was no shortage of enjoyable browsing this time around on my recent visit to the farm and garden center. The shelves were stocked full of new Spring merchandise, and I'm always amazed at some of the neat stuff you can find there!

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