A Week In My Life


The week started out cold and snowy

And although the large snowflakes painted a rather beautiful picture, just let me say, "I'm done with winter!"
I think even this little guy agrees....

 I gave in to the desire of sinking my fingers deep into some soil, and replanted my Ivy plant, which I know feels much happier now.

The new pot gives it so much more room to grow! Joanna was interested at first, but then decided it felt much nicer laying down to take a nap. 

As you can see, she doesn't get excited about too much! She's just an easy going girl. ☺

I have no idea why she looks so guilty here....maybe she knew something I didn't!
Ummm, maybe she knew Ziva was up on the kitchen counter, which I generally do not ever allow!

Though in all fairness to poor Ziva, these last several months have been quite upsetting to her once peaceful existence...A new home, loud sounds (because of all the hardwood floors), strange smells, and a BIG BLACK DOG NAMED JOANNA! The first time Ziva realized a strange, new intruder had entered our domain, she nearly jumped out of her skin! Down into the basement she bolted, and claimed it as her own NO DOGS ALLOWED zone. She has stayed down there for weeks on end, only surfacing to the upstairs once she's sure the big, black dog is asleep for the night in "brudder's" room!

However, I still scolded her for being on the counter nonetheless....And would you believe she had the audacity to sass me back?! Yepper, she did. And I actually caught it in digital format ~ Lol!

See? She really is sassing me back, telling me all about why she thinks she should be able to stay up on that counter where it's safe.... Darn! How can I resist such a cute face?!

On one of the nicer days, I took a walk through the back yard.

Our Chestnut tree looked pretty with the blue sky as its backdrop...

And the sun that day looked like a pretty pink bubble when I took a picture of it...

A pair of birds are taking up residence in the birdhouse. I think they're Bluebirds, but I've not been fortunate to be up close enough to see who exactly the new family is. Can't wait to find out, and watch the activity as the season progresses!

When I came back inside, I found Checkers enjoying the sunshine, too.

 and Miss Ziva was back into a different kind of mischief!! 

"Hello, birdies! Wanna play?"

"NO, Ziva!! Get down!!

So she gave one last, longing look before hopping down into a nearby chair.....but not without keeping her eye on those interesting little birds! Lol!!

~ ♥~
Oh, dear.....I'm not sure what we're going to do with this girl now that she's gotten her courage back!

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