Beet Greens

Strolling through the produce section the other day, I was taken in by the myriad of choices one has when it comes to getting your greens. I've never been one who is hesitant to try new things, especially in the "garden" department. I remember my paternal grandmother eating dandelion leaf salads, and my maternal grandmother loves collard greens and kale. I actually prefer very earthy, hearty tasting greens, and it's been said that the greener they are, the better they are for you! So, when I came upon a package of beet greens, is it any wonder that I decided to take them home and try them? :)

I'll bet not too many people know just how good something like beet greens can be for you! Take a look at all that one serving has to offer:

Check out the potassium, vitamin K and beta carotene amounts ~ WOW!

 So, have I tempted you to try some beet greens? If I have, their preparation is really simple. Especially since you can find them in packages that are already cut and prewashed! Open the bag, and you're good to go.

I dumped mine into a steamer pot with a few inches of water in the bottom. Can't you just see all their goodness?

Because beet greens are a thicker, more hardy leaf, you'll want to steam them until a fork inserted into the back of the stem can easily pierce through. In other words, fork tender. At that point, simply pull the strainer up and out of the bottom pot, and dump the greens into a large salad bowl. Pour a little bit of olive oil over the top (or melted butter if you'd prefer), then salt and pepper to taste. It's that easy! 

Tender, delicious and tasty beet greens!

* There is just one word of caution I should say - they're a great "internal cleanser", so eat your servings in moderation or you may find yourself just a bit too "cleaned out"! (At least for me, but maybe that's not the same for every individual!)

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