Cozy Kitty House

Our shy girl, Missie, is always looking for her own private spot to snuggle down in, away from the activity of the other animal children, except for her favorite, Romeo. 

Missie snuggled in a box in her usual spot!

So when Dean and I were shopping recently, he spotted a cute little tee pee type of house that he thought would be perfect for Missie. We put it right where she usually likes to sleep - on top of our computer desk!

She was inquisitive and checked it out for a bit, playing with the little fluff ball that hangs from the "ceiling" of her house. She stuck her head in, sniffed and rooted around, then backed out suspiciously as if it were some kind of trap! Finally after a week of hoping she'd take to her cozy new place on the computer desk, we moved it down on the floor thinking maybe she'd like it better down there. Nope. Not a chance. No such luck! Week number two was just as unsuccessful as the first. :(

So, we gave up and moved on. But what to our wondering eyes did we see?

Romeo snuggled up in the tee pee as snug as a bug in a rug!
 And a couple of days later.....

Ziva sound asleep in the tee pee and looking as cute as a button!
And just the other day.....

Checkers hopped on in, looking mighty cool and chillin' but.....

*Ahem....Checkers?? You're a little off kilter there buddy!! Lol ~ oh, my....

 These silly animal children! 

So much for getting Missie a cozy little snuggling spot!!

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