She's Pretty And She Knows It

This is Jessica, or Jess, for short. She's my daughter's long-haired beauty, and I think Jessica secretly thinks of herself as a princess. 

Romeo sure has an interest in her. ;) First, he checks out the window to make sure that no danger is lurking.

Then he heads over her way and touches noses with her as if to say, "Hey, good looking!"

As you can see, "the princess" is not overly impressed. Lol! First, she lets out a big yawn. And I do mean BIG! (Oh my, look at those fangs.)

Then she begins to groom herself as if to say, "Tut, tut. I have more important things to tend to!"

*SIGH* Living the life of a princess is hard work!
Romeo has long since left her side because she snubbed his advances! ☺

Every day there is humor to be found with these animal children. Ha, ha!

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