Birds Upon Birds ~ May 8, 2017

Life is going well! Looking forward to getting my flowers planted in the flowerbeds and pots, but the weather has just been too unpredictable and chilly! Soon, I shall....soon!
In the meantime, I truly enjoy the many birds that visit my feeders each and every day.

Saw my first sighting of both a Hummingbird and an Oriole back on May 2nd! Today is only the second time I've spotted a hummer, but I know sightings will continue to get more frequent as the days go by. The Oriole has only been back once more, but soon they, too, will be eating me out of house and home. They devour grape jelly by the jar fulls when they're here in full swing! ☺
Here's wishing all is well in your corner of the world, dear friends! What has your weather been like, and what is your favorite pastime? Here are a few of my favorite bird pictures of late.
~ ♥ ~
House Finch
Baltimore Oriole
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