New Year's Eve ~ December 31, 2015

Amazing, but true ~ Welcome 2016!

Just relaxing here at home. ~ smile ~

Dean and I are beyond the point of enjoying
crowds and chaos!

Tomorrow we'll wake up to the New Year, and I'll try to remember for at least the next month
that I no longer am writing 2015!

~ ♥ ~

In the meantime........
tonight I enjoyed a healthy snack of grapefruit. 

I think grapefruit is either loved or hated. 
Nothing in between. It has that kind of taste. 
 I love it and Dean hates it!

But I must have mine sweetened. 
How about you?

 Honey is my sweetener of choice, drizzled right over the top of each juicy half whose sections are cut into little triangular wedges. I've eaten it that way since I was a child. My mother started me off on that!

Did you know all the wonderful benefits of grapefruit?


 I do think I need to keep more grapefruit in the house.
It's benefits are too many to miss!

Well, I'm off to enjoy the rest 
of this very last evening 
of 2015.........

 May your days of 2016 be full of good health, bright promise and joyful memories, my friends!

 ~ ♥ ~

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