Delightful Decorations

In the recent unusually warm weather of November, Joanna and I worked on getting the lights strung outdoors. Well, I worked. She relaxed and kept the strings untangled for me. 

And now that Thanksgiving is officially over, I have given in to letting those little lights shine! 

 This year I actually broke down and purchased battery operated flickering candles to put in each of our windows. Since they're LED lights, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that these pretty little lights will give me over 10,000 hours of use. Yep. So that's what sold me on the purchase of these cute little candles! So far, my entire family is loving the cozy look they add to our house at night.

Now for some snow ~ just a little bit ~ to make things even cozier looking!
Indoors, I've begun a few bits of Christmas decoration here and there.

I think my favorite is this big jingle bell ornament which I paired with an oversized golden snowflake, and a beautiful red "believe" ornament. 

 I love all the colors up against the backdrop of my Tuscan yellow kitchen wall. 

Next are some of the wrapped "gifts" I have decorating the living areas of our home. But these aren't just any wrapped gifts, they're pictures I already had on display, but are now wrapped as pretty presents! It was a neat idea I recently saw on a decorating segment of a show I was watching. My family has given a big thumbs up on this new idea. ☺

And, of course, there's my lighted pine garland, pretty white lights strung under the kitchen cabinets and some strands beautifully lighting up the shelves of my corner hutch.... Everything is coming along nicely.

However, Charlie has informed me that all his friends are already putting up their Christmas trees, and apparently feels we're not "keeping up with the Joneses"! BIG GRIN. So, here's to getting our tree put up soon, and more on its decorations coming up in a post on another day!

~ ♥ ~

Newly Fallen Snow

Autumn has reluctantly given way to Winter.....

Today was our first snowfall of the season.

I have mixed emotions. 
 I'm far from a winter loving, snow adoring fan!

But for today, I enjoyed the beauty 
 Mother Nature shared with us.

I have to admit ~

there's just something about that first snowfall.

A burst of snow temporarily darkened the sun.

~ ♥ ~

Mailbox Admiration

I'm not sure what exactly it is about mailboxes, but I have a fondness for them. Especially ones that are along a country road, or decorated prettily for the upcoming season or a holiday. 

I guess they kind of make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I see just the right kind of one. 
Maybe it's because I get a glimpse of memories of the days when I used to wait so expectantly for a letter from a relative, a pen pal or my best friend, or for cards at Christmas and my birthday.

Maybe they give me a feeling of down home, true America when life was much simpler, when families and friends stayed close through good old fashioned correspondence no matter how far apart they were. 
 Having a letter in your hand, reading it over and over, and knowing it traveled miles just to be delivered especially for you..... well, that's just something you can't replace with a text message or an email. 
There's something so special about having a tangible letter from someone, knowing they wrote it with their own hand because you're special to them. And you have that letter, in its envelope for years to come.... 

I have an old shoe box with letters such as that. And they're priceless to me. 

Yes, perhaps that's why I love mailboxes so much. ☺