Little Things

After lots of rain, we finally had some sunshine.

So, Romeo and I went out for a walk. 

 The ground was soggy, but the air got muggy!

I enjoy watching the many Orioles who visit my feeding station. I've recently added grape jam in a dish for them, and they eat it like crazy! I'm so glad my friend suggested it to me.

Joanna didn't mind at all posing next to the daisies I planted. They're now on display in my front flowerbed.
She's such a good girl!

I think this Cardinal was trying to tell me he wanted to have a turn at driving our John Deere! :)

Every day there's activity and adventure going on all around me. 

~ ♥ ~

Isn't it wonderful to enjoy life from your own happy little world?

Lovely Days

What a pretty sunrise it was
as Charlie and I headed out bright and early 
~ 5:45 a.m to be exact ~ 
to get him to his job at a local farm stand. 

Today they were picking strawberries. These are some from the quart he brought home for me.
It will be strawberry season for the next two weeks. I can imagine we're going to be having the most delicious tasting strawberry shortcake with strawberries as fresh picked as these!!

 ~ ♥ ~

Almost a year ago (already!) when we moved in, our house looked like this.

Now, after lots of work such as painting, mulching, weeding and planting (the list goes on and on), it's coming along nicely, and it looks like this:

Even after that picture was taken, I've been busy doing more....

We've mulched around the front trees - this one being my bird feeder station.



I've painted two benches that were left here, and in much need of attention.

Now I have lovely planters setting on them in the front flowerbed areas.

And I've placed a bit of this and that in my flowerbeds as well:

(The cute 2 tiered fountain has birds sitting on it)

 Lastly, I hung an adorable lighthouse birdhouse in our peach tree (it has lots of peaches coming!)

 About a week later I spotted nesting material in the house!

 Much to my delight, we have a cute little House Wren pair that moved in! I spotted one of them who was busily tending to the nest. :)

 I am awakened every morning to the beautiful song it sings, and continues all throughout the day!

~ ♥ ~ 

Life is good. If you look around and take notice,
 there's something beautiful to be found in every day we live! Wouldn't you agree?