Making Blogging Practical

Hello, friends! How are you on this lovely Spring day? 

I've been happily out and about, wandering through my yard, and observing the little flower blooms that have stretched out from under their blanket of soil. I've dug out my planters and pots, bird baths, more bird feeders and patio furniture. I've even dug out my grill, cleaned it thoroughly, set it up, and have begun grilling. I just can't wait to enjoy our beautiful, finally warming up Spring, which will turn into the even more delightful season of Summer! Can you tell I'm excited that winter is now officially over (despite how hard and long it tried to hold on)?!

One thing I've also been doing a lot of lately is taking pictures. And more pictures. And more pictures....And.....well, you get the idea! Many are of the birds at my feeders, squirrels performing silly antics, getting into their usual squirrel mischief, bordering on being a nuisance! Then others are of nature - flowers blooming, leaves budding, the sun rising and setting. Everything is beautiful to me ~ SIGH.... And every day I discover how relaxing and enjoyable it is to view life around me through the lens of my camera. I love how rewarding and exciting it can be!

Really, when you think about it, the story of one's life can be told through pictures. Sharing what is seen, sharing what inspires and what that person deems unique, interesting, or even ordinary, yet still picture-worthy. That item, that creature, that person, that moment, forever frozen in time, able to be viewed over and over again. Not a day goes by when I haven't taken a picture of something, somewhere! Even in a store ~ lol! I guess I just love everyday life photography.....

And that recent realization has made me rethink just how I'd like to post here on Simply Me ~ Kimberly Marie. Often I wait for that right moment of carved out time to sit, and think, and form into some semblance of order words that would describe and convey what has gone through my mind, what's gone on in my life, places I've been and special moments I've enjoyed. Waiting for that "right time" has often left me missing in action here on the blog; a place I truly love to be! I miss sharing and visiting with you. I miss the quiet "me time" doing something that brings me happiness and satisfaction. And often, pictures I had wanted to share along with my post, have now become so outdated and "old news" that I no longer feel they're worth sharing for the post idea I'd had.

Then it came to me. Photo journaling.  And every day can still be a fresh new beginning, with new thoughts to ponder, new beauty to see, new ideas to try, and new things to share! 

So, without further adieu, here's my post for today:

A Visit With My Sister ~
(She's A Country Girl For Sure!) 

She owns Alpacas. Her girls make yarn from their fleece, which is SO SOFT!

 ~ ~ ~ 

 My sister also recently got goats. She wants to use their milk for soaps and cheese making. I'm not sure if her children would like it for drinking, but we'll see!
The goat on the left is pregnant, and due to deliver any day now! My sister is nervous, but excited.
~ ~ ~

 You can't live in the country without chickens! There are plenty of fresh eggs every day.

Ummm, I think the ground was a little saturated that day!

 ~ ~ ~

Of course, there always has to be a cat, too! They're great for keeping those country mice away!

 ~ ~ ~

Back here at my home.....

See what I mean about those silly squirrels?! Talk about hanging on by your toenails.... Good grief. This one's got that mastered!!

This squirrel believes in that old saying, "Where there's a will, there's a way"!
~ ~ ~

What a treat to see this Pileated Woodpecker on the suet cake just the other side of the glass! Charlie spotted him first and called me in to see this awesome sight!

 ~ ~ ~

Watching the beautiful morning sunrise....

 ~ ~ ~

Loving the beauty of Spring popping up all over.
These delicate little flowers are growing in the backyard.

And Hyacinths out front.....Can't you just SMELL their deeply scented perfume?!
While sitting on my front porch, I can smell their loveliness in the air.

~ ~ ~

Just too cute not to post! 

This was Checkers, yesterday, on his birthday. All the birthday hoopla must've wore him right out. NOT! 

But he did just turn 11, so I guess he has an excuse! 

 What a tough life! Maybe I should take a few pointers from him......An afternoon siesta makes everything all better! I'll definitely have to try it sometime. *WINK*

~ ~ ~

Well, that's it for this journal post, friends!

I hope you'll find my new approach as enjoyable of a visit as always. I look forward to sharing a part of our day together with each new entry I post!☺