Shopping Savings

As you may know from previous posts , I love a good deal ~ especially from one of my local thrift shops (an example of this is here and here).

 However, a good deal is even better when it comes brand new from a department store! So, you can imagine my delight when during a recent shopping outing, I found savings at both! :)

This sheet set looks and feels absolutely brand new! It originally came from JCPenney's. It's a very good quality, durable set that I found for just $10 at the thrift store. I was so happy that not only was it a great price, but also a style that I really love. There's just something about roses and an old fashioned look that really appeals to me!

While at the same thrift shop, I also went to the towel section as we've really been needing to replace some of ours. Another fantastic find from JCPenney's.....
And again, there's that old fashioned look (and quality) that I love!! This towel and pair of washcloths cost me just $8 ~ a fraction of what a new, thick shower towel and set of washcloths would cost. I was tickled pink to come across these!

Here's a picture of my dining room curtains (another day's thrift store find from shortly after we moved in ~ lol!), but my recent shopping trip landed me this beautiful maroon valance that filled in the awkward, empty space between the two panels on the rod. Just $2, and I love it's silky, flowing material that ripples so nicely as it hangs!
It really completed the entire look of the window so well, and picks up some of the maroon in the flowers on the panels, which can be seen better in person.

Since this winter has been so cold, lately I've been more inclined to pull on something comfy, cozy and very warm (a.k.a Dean's long john shirts!!) instead of anything that looks pretty or feminine! So, I decided it was time to look for some warm and cozy things of my own.....
This $3 sweater is absolutely the softest sweater I have ever owned. Not only is it soft, but thick, and that makes it extra warm and cozy!! Purple is also one of my favorite colors. ;) 

While horizontal stripes are not my favorite on a shirt, I decided that this shirt was worth getting because it originally came from Kohl's, has surely never been worn, and is definitely quality made! There are some things that you can just tell, from the moment you feel it and try it on....Hey, for $2 I'm game to wear horizontal stripes on a shirt every now and then! And despite how wide this picture makes the shirt look (see, that's why I don't usually wear stripes!) it actually fits quite nicely when my body fills it out. :)

Last, but certainly not least, I needed to make a stop in to my local Kmart, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they had 70-80% off some of the women's clothing. Upon further inspection, I saw that most of it was autumn or Christmas related, but after some careful searching, I was able to find 2 things that paired nicely together, yet didn't scream Christmas! 
Not only do I love the fuzzy interior of the sweatshirt, it's color and the bird design, but I couldn't believe that I was getting it for a steal!! Just under $3, when it was originally marked for something around $20 I believe! I love wearing a turtle neck under a sweatshirt, so when I found this cream one with the gold flakes, which match the gold in the birds' wings, I was delighted. The turtleneck cost me a whopping $2.40, marked down from $12.

Oooo, how I love to find bargains! If you care to take the time to look, there's always a good deal to be found. More and more I find that others are bargain hunting, too. These days it only makes sense!
Are you a bargain shopper?

A bargain ain't a bargain unless it's something you need.  
~ Sidney Carroll

Snow Upon Snow

Here's a post I wrote up last week, but the pictures wouldn't load, so I didn't  publish it. Tonight, I finally got the kinks worked out... 

Last night the snow started falling, and falling and kept on falling. And the wind blew. And there was beauty, there were drifts, and there was S N O W........ As I type, nearly 24 hours later, snowflakes are still swirling and racing on the wind. Reports say my area has received upwards of 19" of snow thus far! 

So while my husband braved the nasty weather to dig us out, what did I do from my cozy indoors? Take pictures, of course! 

And how thrilling it was to see so much activity at my feeders today! 

The Cardinals were out in droves, just as they were in this picture I captured recently!

They seemed to love my tray feeder this time.....

And Melissa sat in a trance, staring at them nearly all afternoon ~ except for an occasional pounce at the glass, which she just couldn't seem to resist! 

Rest assured, when all was said and done, a nice hot bowl of soup, a hug and a kiss were waiting for that husband of mine when he came in out of the blustery, unrelenting snow! 

I Must Confess

Is it possible to be a procrastinator and a perfectionist at the same time? Because I am. And it drives me crazy! Can anyone else relate?
My perfectionism is sometimes exhausting, and my procrastinating is downright insufferable! But in defense of my own self, my procrastination is not for everything.....Just those things that I dread!
You know, those kind of things that must be done, or else. Ughhh!  
My perfectionism, on the other hand, is for any and everything. The problem I have with perfectionism is that I want to do a thorough and proper job, so I wait for that perfect time when I'll be able to do a thorough and perfect job. And to be honest, in today's world, I really don't think many of us have that kind of time anymore! Thus, waiting for that perfect time can quickly turn into procrastination.... and so the cycle goes. 

But the older I get, the more I'm realizing that

So, I've come to the conclusion that instead of beating my perfectionist, procrastinating self up, I should work a bit harder at taking things little by little. And, step by step, I will work through my procrastination and perfectionism one accomplishment at a time! How about you?

~ ♥ ~