Snow Upon Snow

Here's a post I wrote up last week, but the pictures wouldn't load, so I didn't  publish it. Tonight, I finally got the kinks worked out... 

Last night the snow started falling, and falling and kept on falling. And the wind blew. And there was beauty, there were drifts, and there was S N O W........ As I type, nearly 24 hours later, snowflakes are still swirling and racing on the wind. Reports say my area has received upwards of 19" of snow thus far! 

So while my husband braved the nasty weather to dig us out, what did I do from my cozy indoors? Take pictures, of course! 

And how thrilling it was to see so much activity at my feeders today! 

The Cardinals were out in droves, just as they were in this picture I captured recently!

They seemed to love my tray feeder this time.....

And Melissa sat in a trance, staring at them nearly all afternoon ~ except for an occasional pounce at the glass, which she just couldn't seem to resist! 

Rest assured, when all was said and done, a nice hot bowl of soup, a hug and a kiss were waiting for that husband of mine when he came in out of the blustery, unrelenting snow! 


  1. Wow, that is a LOT of snow! Big job for your hubby to move it! Sure is lovely!

    1. Now we're waiting for the next weather front moving in today. An arctic blast! Forecasters are predicting a high of only 2-3 degrees by Sunday, and wind chills dipping down to -25 in some areas! Oh. My. Gosh. IS IT SPRING YET?!


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