Enjoyable Days

Sunshine, hot days, sweet smelling breezes and the song of birds....
I've been having some wonderfully enjoyable days!

Here's a few pictures to share:

 While waiting on a mulch delivery, I'm sprucing up the front walkway with potted flowers, and Becca's handpicked rocks from a trip to the lake a few years back.

Last year my bird bath started to leak water through a few cracks that had developed in the bowl. So I resealed the bowl, scrubbed the base and set it out once again along the sidewalk in its old, familiar place.

I've turned over all the dirt in the flowerbeds, weeded and raked everything back into place. It looks so neat and tidy, and very ready for flowers!

While weeding, I found 5 "volunteer" Morning Glories sprouting up from seeds of last year's flowers....I transplanted them into their special place near the front porch step where they can grow big and beautiful up a trellis, instead of strings this year.

Last, but not least, I took a moment to enjoy the faint scent of lilacs that are just beginning to open on our bush. 2 short years ago, this bush was a twig that insisted on pushing up through the soil year after year from roots of a previous planting that had never been fully removed by the former owner of our townhouse. We decided to leave it be, and as it has grown, I've pruned it to keep it into a tidy, manageable size. This has caused it to triple the blooms from even just last year. Mmmm, what a heavenly, sweet smell they have! 

And that about wraps up these last few enjoyable days for me.

~ Wishing you a bright, happy day today! ~

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