Beautiful Paintings

I think I've always appreciated art from the time I was young. Especially when certain artists, like Claude Monet, Maxfield Parrish, and more recently, the late Thomas Kinkade, had the knack of drawing the viewer into the scenes of their paintings, making them wish they could be a part of that world, if only they could step into it.

This weekend, I discovered these beautiful paintings done by artist Janet Kruskamp. A sense of peace washes over me as my eyes take in the details of every picture. I love the cozy, colorful images, and the feelings of warmth and old fashioned goodness that are played out in the scenes of each painting.

Can't you just see yourself stepping into this airy kitchen, ready to help in the baking of these delicious, homemade apple pies?

Or how about into this one, as we prepare to can the bountiful harvest from a flourishing garden that lies just outside and down a ways from the white picket fence walkway....

And who wouldn't be thrilled with an inviting, natural space to relax in such as this bird watchers retreat?

I'd certainly enjoy a restful moment here at the table outside this beautiful and welcoming little restaurant!

Ahhhh, can't you just feel and smell Spring when you look at this bright, cheerful front porch?

I would want to sit and relax a summer afternoon away in such a lovely, peaceful spot! Wouldn't you?

Oh. My. Goodness. There are absolutely no worries here! Let's take a walk to the distant gazebo, shall we?

I can just smell the sweet, flowery air and hear the chorus of birds singing at this welcoming country home!

I could not possibly come home with just one pair of birds after visiting such a lively bird shop!

~ ~
And I will leave you with one final picture. One that encourages all of us to take a moment for ourselves, or with one that we love, and enjoy, as the title of this painting says, "A Lazy Daisy Afternoon" which I gladly soon as the weather cooperates to bring much warmer, gentler spring and summer breezes our way!

(All pictures shown in this blog post are the exclusive © of Janet Kruskamp)

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