Simple Is Enough

While watching House Hunters on HGTV this past week, a young woman made a comment that seemed interesting to me. As she was looking out one of the back windows of the flat she was being shown, she had mentioned how lovely it was to see the laundry hanging out on the balconies around her. It had given her a sense of connection, she'd said. A feeling of being "in the middle" of things, of seeing life going on around her and it felt comforting. 
Her comment has replayed in my mind at least a dozen times since then. I think of how simple and basic the fact of laundry hanging out to dry on a balcony is. How simple.... Yes, that's it. How simple! How uncomplicated, and how real. It speaks of life, of the everyday, ordinary things that sometimes begin to feel too mundane. Yet these are the very things that we long for most when we feel out of our element, and are far away from home. Fresh laundry, a home cooked meal, sitting outdoors sipping on a glass of lemonade under the hot summer sun....

Maybe we complicate life too much. Maybe we think we need too many things. When it comes down to it, maybe all that's really important are the simple things in life. And reminding ourselves of this from time to time is a good thing to do.

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