A Day In Pictures

Here at home sweet home:

It snowed.......again. No surprise there! It is, after all, winter. But this time it was a gentle, pretty snowfall, instead of the wind driven, lake effect snows we've had of late!

 ~ ♥ ~

 And since Dean has finally returned home from his long, out of state job.....He'll take care of the shoveling today! Phew....
But you'd think we live in Alaska by the way he's bundling himself up ~ Lol! He says being in Florida for so long has spoiled him.....anything under 60 is freezing!! :D

I couldn't help but to snap a few pictures of him "enjoying" the cold and snow. ;) And he can't resist but to smile at my pleasure in all of this!
~ ♥ ~

It was a day to get several loads of laundry done......Mmmmm, I just love the clean scent of laundry fresh out of the dryer!
~ ♥ ~

In between laundry loads, I looked through one of my favorite bird books. I'm getting excited for new ideas to attract birds to my yard this year!
~ ♥ ~

Well, what do you know? I found a large cutting board that I completely forgot I have! Now where do you think I might have found this - perhaps tucked away in the back of a kitchen cupboard? No, silly! It was tucked away in my roll top desk, just where I'd think to look for it, right? 
(Apparently, after having used it as a lap board for my old computer, I never thought to put it back in the kitchen for future use! Wow. I wonder what else I may have hidden around the house?)

Gee, and this is such a nice cutting board to have been without! Since I have a few others, I just never gave the whereabouts of this one much thought! Well, anyways, I'm glad to have it back where it belongs. :)
~ ♥ ~

The house smelled fabulous with the scent of this fresh baked bread. (The loaf didn't even last 24 hours. After all, I'm not sure I know of many people who can resist a slice or two of warm bread just out of the oven!)
~ ♥ ~

And last, but certainly not least, Romeo entertained us with quite a few funny faces....among them was this one. It's like a sideways grin that really cracks Dean up, especially when Romeo is looking quite shaggy like he is now!

Oh, Romeo, you funny little man!
~ ♥ ~


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