Tending To Things Outdoors

This morning dawned sunny and beautiful, AGAIN! I'm just thrilled with day after day of sunshine that we've been having. And the temperatures are just perfect, too. ☺ 
 I decided it was time to put out my hummingbird feeders.... I was given this blue one as a gift, and I'm interested to see how it will attract the hummers! I've never seen a blue one before, but maybe the color is enough to intrigue the birds in spite of the fact that it's not red!
Romeo always needs to see what Mommy is doing!
 I transplanted some morning glory seedlings I see sprouting up from last year's seeds. I attach strings from stakes in the ground, up to my gutter on the front porch, and they look so beautiful there as you head up the sidewalk to the house.

I checked out my lilac blooms which are coming along fabulously! They're already starting to have that beautiful lilac scent.... Mmmmm.

I cleared old leaves and mulch away from my hosta plants, which are all sprouting up quite healthy.

The clematis' on the trellis are just taking right off! It was literally only about 2 weeks ago that they were only small vines hardly off the ground.

I mended a few tears in my goldfinch feeder bag that the squirrels started going after last year. Late yesterday afternoon I spotted my first goldfinch landing on the Shepard's hook, looking for it's food. So today I wanted to get that out for them! This morning, a male was singing so prettily somewhere nearby.

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