Bathroom Gadgets

Things that would be great to keep my bathroom neat and organized.........
holder for inside cabinet door
This would be perfect for my daughter since I'm always finding the blow dryer tossed up on the back of the toilet!

tension pole caddy
I have to get one of these. With all of our different shampoos, soaps, body washes, razors, and creams, it's a balancing act when any one of us steps into the shower!

toilet paper holder
This is wonderful! My rack stands on the floor, and is always getting bumped into, or knocked over.
soap holder
Now this is nothing short of ingenious! My biggest pet peeve with bar soap is that it gets all soft and slimy from sitting in a little puddle of water.

sprays and brush organizer
I love this idea. A place for everything hair related.

towel rack
This is so much nicer than having the towels hung on the back of the door where they never really dry. And their wetness is up against the wood of the door. You'd need a bit of wall space and room for this, but it's a very practical solution!

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