A Place To Call My Own ~ October 25, 2017

As the summer breezes turn chilly, and leaves dress in their Autumn attire, my insides begin to crave peaceful, cozy spaces indoors.

Several months back, Dean and I transformed our 3rd bedroom into a sitting room, complete with brand new furniture and pictures, lovely Citrus Punch painted walls, a beautiful "ocean" view and my very own (electric) wood stove!

A body needs its own space once in a while, don't you think? Whether it be myself, or another member of the family, sometimes a personal place of retreat is all it takes to set the body to rights again. Just to be able to close the door on the world, and find your happy place....

What I love about my sitting room is that it has a tropical theme. Morning sunshine spills through the window, giving the room a beautifully cheerful glow. In the evening, mood lighting sets a soft tone throughout the room, and the flickering flames of the "fire" seem magical. 

As I enjoy the space this evening, I thought I would share a few pictures of the room with you. Despite the fact that the room is one of our smallest, it is, by far, one of the coziest in our whole house.  No matter how large or compact your house may be, there's always room to find a nook and transform it into your own personal, peaceful, happy place!

 ~ ♥ ~

Deer, Oh Deer! ~ October 21, 2017

We are so blessed to have nature right at our doorstep. I never tire of seeing various wildlife passing through our yard, and late this Summer into Autumn we've certainly had a treat with all the deer we've had visiting us. Especially bucks.
Just look at this handsome fellow! I was amazed to see on more than a few occasions several bucks running together this year. And what a special moment I happened upon when, one day on a walk, I spied this beautiful scene as I peeked through the hedgerow to the field behind us.... 
A fawn and buck exchanging a sweet moment together! Never have I seen a loving exchange between a fawn and buck before. This was just a priceless moment to behold. Behind the bush is a doe and her other fawn. This mama came to visit our yard frequently with her fawns. Here they are, late one afternoon, in yet another sweet moment I 
was able to capture a picture of. Just so precious!! Every year we see at least one set of twins, and a doe or two with just one fawn. They all travel together it seems, and everyone gets along looking out for one another. Nature is just the most beautiful thing!
Here are some bucks eating pears that had fallen from our tree. Try as I might, I just could not get a picture of these two together, but not in front of one another. ☺ Just look at the size of their racks, though. These bucks are definitely mature males. One even had some gray on him.
Here is a better picture of two bucks that came for some pears on another day.... Look at that one reaching up to grab the fruit right off the tree! I'm sure if I were an orchard farmer, this would not be a very welcome sight. But lucky for them, I am not! They can be quite destructive, unfortunately.
Here is a fawn having an afternoon meal in a bit of tall grass. Isn't it just so adorable? And look at those eyelashes. Not one beautiful detail was left out in the creation of this precious fawn! 

Last, but not least, are a couple of pictures of a doe I took using the recently discovered "vivid" feature on my camera. She cooperated so nicely for her photo shoot, if I do say so myself! ☺ 
 Isn't she a gorgeous girl? She is standing under our chestnut tree, and was in the middle of having quite the feast for lunch as the chestnuts have been in abundance this year!

Wishing you happiness, my friends, as you enjoy the beauty of nature wherever it is that you call home... 
~ ♥ ~

Back In The Kitchen ~ August 23, 2017

Sometimes I go through a period of time when I'm not in the mood to be in the kitchen much, outside of the necessity to make our meals for the day. But as the fruit trees bend under the weight of all their produce, and hints of Autumn are in the air, I'm getting the itch to do a bit more these days. 

So I got out my Magnolia Journal magazine, and followed the directions for their Apple Butter recipe. 
As is common for me, I never quite follow everything exactly as I should. So, while this recipe is for the slow cooker, I cooked it down in a sauce pan right on my stove. Can you imagine how wonderful the house smelled with apples, cinnamon and cloves stewing in the pot?? Mmmm.... I thought for sure Autumn had arrived! I really enjoyed it's sweet, clove infused taste. 

Next, I moved on to a recipe using peaches. I gathered a bucket of our own peaches from our small tree, and set to work on making a peach jam. I just used the recipe straight from the Sure-Jell box. 
Oh. My. Goodness! The smell as they were bubbling away in the jam syrup brought me right back to the days of when I used to feed my babies jarred peaches! Isn't it amazing how some smells just resonate with you?? ☺The jam turned out perfectly, and tastes absolutely delightful on toast and those delicious Town House crackers! I think it's been years since I've made any type of jam..... But, look at how lovely it is in the jars now!

My last extra little something I spent time on in the kitchen was a tasty, green bean salad made with fresh beans given to me by my neighbor that were grown in his garden. I cut the ends off, steamed them gently, then added some oil, vinegar and seasoning.... Ooooh, they were fresh and tender! A little remained for me to nibble on the next day, and they were even better having set over night.
I'll have to remember that if there's a next time that my neighbor brings me over some beans.......

I hope this post finds you enjoying some things you've finally gotten around to doing again, or maybe just simply enjoying the continuation of some really nice summer weather! It won't be long before our next season is upon us....

Take care, my friends. Wishing you well in your part of the world! 
~ ♥ ~