Outdoor Space ~ May 21, 2017

I can't say as we've had an early start to our warm summer weather like we have in years past. But we've finally been able to have some mild days in which to enjoy our screen room!

When I began clearing it out of all the yard and garden things we store in it throughout the winter, it was still quite chilly outside. Despite the calendar saying spring, I was still in my autumn getup which is long johns under my jeans, fuzzy boots and a jacket other than a windbreaker to keep me warm!

Last year I had really wanted to jazz up the screen room. Some of my favorite outdoor furniture is wicker. But, after talking with Dean, we decided that it just didn't seem practical to buy new things, when what we had was still perfectly good and useful. And there was no sense either in changing what is already for all intents and purposes a very suitable and useful as it is outdoor space. However, I did need a few extra sitting chairs for the space, and I was able to find some really nice looking, comfortable tan lawn chairs that fit the bill nicely. So I went about setting up the screen room being creative with what we already have in the space that's already there.

Well, except for the latest new addition of a comfy green rocker chair that my father found at our local Goodwill, and, after seeing it myself, I felt it was just too comfortable of a chair for just the right price to pass up! In fact, as I type this post, it's exactly where I'm sitting! I've always loved a cushioned chair that swivels and rocks, too.

The morning started off mild and sunny, but it has since cooled some, and rain has passed through. Listening to the raindrops on the roof was actually quite nice, and the fresh smelling air is helping to clear out my head. Add to that listening to a yard full of bird song, and watching their busy flights from nests to feeders and back again, it makes for one of the most enjoyable things I can think of doing now that some warmer weather has come our way....

In fact, enjoying time in our screen room is one of the best ways to start my day! If we were closer, I'd love to have you join me! How do you enjoy starting off your day?

~ ♥ ~

I guess you could say it's "A Room With a View"!

Birds Upon Birds ~ May 8, 2017

Life is going well! Looking forward to getting my flowers planted in the flowerbeds and pots, but the weather has just been too unpredictable and chilly! Soon, I shall....soon!
In the meantime, I truly enjoy the many birds that visit my feeders each and every day.

Saw my first sighting of both a Hummingbird and an Oriole back on May 2nd! Today is only the second time I've spotted a hummer, but I know sightings will continue to get more frequent as the days go by. The Oriole has only been back once more, but soon they, too, will be eating me out of house and home. They devour grape jelly by the jar fulls when they're here in full swing! ☺
Here's wishing all is well in your corner of the world, dear friends! What has your weather been like, and what is your favorite pastime? Here are a few of my favorite bird pictures of late.
~ ♥ ~
House Finch
Baltimore Oriole
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Tip-Toeing Into Spring ~ April 29, 2017

Up and down, around and around, through a variety of weather patterns, we are slowly getting there!
The sun is finally waking early, the days continue to grow longer, and countless birds fill the air with their songs of cheer. 

The Goldfinches are once again golden, the Cardinals are scarlet, and the Grosbeaks have returned. It won't be long before I see my first Oriole. I hung out a dish of grape jam to lure them in sooner! :) Then shortly, it'll be time for the Hummingbirds to arrive. I look forward to their return all winter long!

The bushes and trees are pushing out buds and blooms, Hyacinths sweetly scent the air, the daffodils and tulips bob their heads in the breeze. Lilac blossoms are gently and cautiously taking a curious peek at the world.

Yes, Spring is surely unfolding each and every day. Little by little, my yard and flowerbeds are getting back into shape. I mowed for the first time a couple of days ago. The smell of the freshly cut grass is just as I've always remembered it. Funny how some things never change.....

This evening several deer were roaming through our back yard, as have foxes, ducks and this year, surprisingly, rabbits. You'd think with all the opportunities for foraging in and around our yard, rabbits would be in abundance. But until just last week days we've never seen even one!

As night falls and I settle in for a rest from my endeavors, I feel a happy contentment to be back outdoors, experiencing all the lovely things that nature has to offer. Me, myself and I - and my trusty camera in tow! 

  ~ ♥ ~