Taking It All In - April 22, 2017

Hello Friends!

Have you opened your eyes to a beautiful sunrise lately, or blinked at the incredible beauty of a sunset, or watched a magnificent moon in the night sky?

 Have you gone outdoors and heard the sweet chorus of birds, or perhaps a gurgling brook?

 Have you been tempted to buy flowers and just can't wait to plant them? (Or, maybe in your part of the world you already have!)

Did you have a joyous Easter, and did you happen to see crosses out of the blue? 

Have you been well, and happy and enjoying the coming of Spring, my friends? Has it's message of hope, and rebirth filled your heart with promise of good days to come - despite hardships and battles that sometimes come our way?

Oh, I truly hope that you have, and just wanted to share the beauty of all these special things that I've seen and cherished throughout the past many days as my life has unfolded. 

Wishing you happiness and all good things, and the strength to move through when the going gets tough!

 ~ ♥ ~

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  1. All of the above which you captured very well....:)


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