Handsome Buck ~ March 17, 2017

Every so often we're fortunate enough to get a glimpse of something beautiful in our back yard, like this magnificent buck!

February 2017

While taking a gander out the back windows, Dean spotted this fellow grazing as he was wandering through our territory. 

My husband was quite surprised as this is the biggest rack we've seen on any buck in our yard! He really didn't stay overly long, as the bucks tend to stay in the background, but I'm so glad he stayed long enough to pose for such a lovely picture of himself!
~ ♥ ~


  1. You are so right, that is truly a lovely photo of that buck. And, yes, what a rack! I mean that in animal sense. No inunendos here. ha-ha!!! Hope your weekend is rolling along nicely. Today, my little town is having their Huge St. Patricks Day Festival. The weather is grand, so, I kid you not, there will be numbers in the thousands visiting the parade, craft booths, music and lots of corned beef! It is a yearly event come rain or shine but not snow. I will not be going even though it is in walking distance. Lots of cars parked around my corner house but I do not mind. I am sure a good time will be had by many many people.- Mary

  2. Oh, my goodness, he is beautiful! What a treat to see. Your nature photos are just amazing. Thank you for sharing!


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