Settling In To Winter ~ December 12, 2016

It looks as though Winter is here to stay. For a while anyways. (You never know with this crazy weather that's been happening all across the country.) And before we know it, Christmas will be upon us!

I finally took the time to decorate our tree. I didn't pull out the big tree this year, but our medium sized one will do. I also have two smaller trees on display this year - one in the dining room, and one in the kitchen.

Here's the main tree in our living room. It's strung with both colored and white lights. In this picture I only had on the colored lights.

And here it is with just the white lights. 

Lastly, here it is with a mixture of both.......

I really enjoy just the glow of the colored lights in the morning and evening. Sometimes the white lights are pretty by themselves. I guess it depends on the day and my mood! 

During the day, I like to see a more festive look to the tree, so I usually have it lit with both the white and colored lights. This year my ornaments are lots of birds and gold, silver and white globes.... This often attracts the more mischievous one of all my kitties - Ziva. She is a sly one, that precious little girl! The birds, and globes, and oh, those pretty, twinkling lights are just too tempting to bear....She can't seem to keep her paws off of them! :) 
"Is she looking? 'Cause if she is, I can't steal a darn thing from the tree!"
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  1. Beautiful tree! I like the option of having two different styles of lights available -- I have never seen that! Sweet kitty picture! They are always so interested in the trees! :) Merry Christmas to you and yours! Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!


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