Rain, Rain, Go Away

Here it is, December 3rd, and miraculously we have no snow. A thing for which I'm thankful!

But a dreary, cold, rainy day such as we had today (and yesterday, and the day before),
does bring one's spirits low, despite the rejoicing of having no snow!

Thick, gray clouds rolled through all day long.

Raindrops gathered on the windows.

It was a perfect morning to enjoy our cozy fire!

 For a while, not a bird or a critter dared creep out... Until this little Sparrow decided to pop out from his shelter under our front deck.

 Then, one by one, others ventured out from their hiding spots, too.

This sparrow hopped out onto the perch of its house, never mind that it's not Spring time for nest building. This one is taking shelter within the dry and cozy walls...
New nest making materials are being brought inside!

Just beyond the birdhouse, a squirrel decided to grab a quick snack from one of our many leftover apples on the old orchard tree.

Birds came to the feeders (each I can see from three different sides of our home).


And, of course, along with a few of the birds, the squirrels had join in for some seed and suet, too!



 Now here's hoping that Mr. Weatherman is correct, so we can all enjoy a bit of sunshine tomorrow, and let things dry out!

~ ♥ ~

Hope you're staying comfy cozy in your own home sweet home!


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  1. What A Lovely post about God's gifts. Aren't those birds something else! I think they are sooooo precious along with all the other visitors. Wishing you blue skies.


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