A Different Kind of Shopping

This weekend we got our Christmas Tree Shops flyer.

Oh, me! Oh, my! So many neat things, so much variety and lots of bright, cheerful colors.... This is one flyer that REALLY gets me excited. If I could, I would live in that store! It asks, "Don't you just love a BARGAIN?" Why yes, I do!! 

As I was browsing through the flyer, Dean happened to pass by and stopped to take a look at what had me so captivated. I pointed out things as though I were a child telling Santa what I wanted for Christmas......

"I want a set of these.....

Oh, and one of these.....

....and a white and rose quilt!

Ooooo, and a set just like this....

I have always wanted a table like this!

The black and rose ones! I want a pair of them!

I want a couple strings of these! They're kinda like the camper awning lights you know I just love....

I want white ones of these ~ like maybe 3 or 4!!

And I want one just like what's on the table....Oh, isn't it so pretty?! Like the handkerchiefs Great Grandma used to have,

and I want...." 

Then my mantra was abrubtly interrupted.



"You know how they say window shopping?"


He laughs.

"Well, you know what you're doing?"

"No. What am I doing?"

"You're shopping in your mind!"

Then it's my turn to laugh. 

"Yes, I guess you're right. 'Cause you aren't Santa, and we aren't rich!!"

Ohhhh, but what a fun time of "mind shopping" it was.

And I still really like you, Christmas Tree Store! I'll be back to "mind shop" again soon!

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  1. :) A girl can dream, can't she? Inspiration!!


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